Sandi Kuper is a Medical Doctor and Artist who draws on her medical knowledge to create art that bridges the gap between science and aesthetics. She works in a range of mediums, but has a a special interest in printmaking and works at the Blue Door Studio in Johannesburg.

Her influences are first a need to heal, stemming from years of working with patients both on a physical and deeper emotional level.

Being a long distance off-road runner her personal invigoration is derived from a higher source gained from the outdoors, something much larger and more permanent than us as a human race.

Her work takes an in-depth view at pathways both externally between cities and countries, and internally, within the connections of the nerve pathways within our brains.

She explores disease and dis-ease within these areas and draws on clinical experience and an accumulation of medical science imagery to convey a personal account of how Alzheimers disease and memory loss permeates and devastates family life. This memory loss fragments family unity, dignity, and intelligence.

  • 1992: MBChB, University of Cape Town.

    Group Exhibitions and Awards

  • 2016: Blue Door Studio Exhibition, Art it is Gallery, Johannesburg.
  • 2016: Art Print Residence Exhibition, Mataro, Spain.
  • 2015: Wrap-able, Art it is, Johannesburg.
  • 2015: Six, 27 10th Street, Johannesburg.
  • 2015: South African Fine Art Print Fair Exhibition, GIBS, Johannesburg.
  • 2015: Health Professions Art Group 40th Annual Art Exhibition , Adler Museum, Parktown, Johannesburg.
  • 2015: Sasol New Signatures Top 100 artist Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
  • 2014: Blue Door Studio Exhibition, Upstairs at Bamboo, Melville, Johannesburg.
  • 2014: Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre Exhibition, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg.
  • 2014: Turbine Art Fair, O'Keefe Gallery, Newtown, Johannesburg.
  • 2014: Is this Art?, Art Lovers Gallery Exhibition, Pretoria.
  • 2013: David Brown Fine Art Exhibition, Sandton Gallery, Johannesburg.
  • 2013: Art Lovers Exhibition, Pretoria.
  • 2013: Sasol New Signatures Top 100 Artists Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
  • 2012: David Brown Fine Art Exhibition, Sandton Gallery, Johannesburg.
  • 2011: David Brown Fine Art Exhibition, Parkwood, Johannesburg.

    Private Collections

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • London
  • Sydney
  • Spain

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